Krista Schwartz


Krista Schwartz serves as the Project Manager for Blue Zones Project Scottsdale. Prior to joining Blue Zones, she spent 15 years in the nonprofit sector where she wrote grants, managed real estate development projects, and implemented homeownership programs for low to moderate-income homebuyers. She is a registered architect, licensed real estate broker, and former general contractor. Prior to her work in the nonprofit sector, she designed, built, and sold homes as a self-employed homebuilder. Krista’s passion for sharing information and resources with others led her to serve on the boards of the Autism Community in Action (TACA), the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP), and Notre Dame Preparatory High School.

Combining her gifts of organization and resourcefulness, her passion for health and well-being, and her values of community and collaboration, Krista is thrilled to find her calling with Blue Zones Project Scottsdale. She looks forward to empowering residents to live better, longer in the community where she grew up and raised her family.

Krista originally hails from Minnesota, but has lived in Arizona since 1973. She attended Arizona State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Design and a Master of Architecture with an emphasis in Urban Planning. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, traveling, snow skiing, and spending time with family. She is happily married to Steve and is the proud mother of Steven and Jacob.

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What is the reason you get up in the morning? Did you know having a purpose can add 7 years to your life?We hosted a Purpose Workshop last week at Blue Zones Project Scottsdale Office! Attendees got to discover their sense of purpose and learn how it contributes to overall well-being. Thank you to everyone who joined us! #PurposeWorkshop #bzpscottsdale #bluezones ... See MoreSee Less
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🎧 Tune in to the latest episode of the Health Futures podcast for an inspiring conversation about creating healthier communities! Host Bob Roth had the pleasure of interviewing Todd LaPorte, CEO of HonorHealth, and Sarah Kearney, Executive Director of Blue Zones Scottsdale, about the incredible work happening in our city.FULL EPISODE HERE: cypresshomecare.com/2024/02/06/connecting-community-through-healthier-living-and-longevity/ 🌍 The Blue Zones Project is all about making healthy choices easier by transforming our environment, policies, and social connections. And guess what? Scottsdale is leading the charge! After years of planning, the initiative is officially underway thanks to key partnerships with HonorHealth, Cigna, the city government, and Goodwill.🎉 The kickoff event was a huge success, with over 4,000 residents pledging to embrace Blue Zones principles in their daily lives. Our goal? Achieving critical mass by getting 15% of the population actively participating over the next four years. That's 32,000 people making positive changes for a healthier Scottsdale!🏫 From schools to workplaces, restaurants to grocery stores, neighborhoods to faith-based organizations, the Blue Zones Project is optimizing how we live, work, eat, play, and socialize. Small shifts can lead to big results, and we're already seeing the impact!👵👧 Intergenerational participation is key to success. By engaging youth now, we're building lifelong healthy habits and reducing isolation and loneliness by connecting young and old.💪 This grassroots, community-led initiative is a shining example of collaboration at its finest. Together, we're paving the way for longer, healthier, and more connected lives for all. Let's make Scottsdale the healthiest city in the nation!#Health #Wellness #Community #BlueZonesProject #HealthyPodcast #HealthFutures #HonorHealth #SocialConnection #Environment #HealthyChoices #Grassroots #Scottsdale ... See MoreSee Less
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