We enact policy that changes the environment for sustainable impact.


Optimizing the built environment and food, tobacco, and alcohol policies is a high-impact, cost-effective strategy to reduce chronic disease and raise well-being. While much of a healthy lifestyle is a result of personal choice, healthy changes on a policy level have a broad impact that influences personal choice across the community.
With this approach, individuals can see tangible transformation taking place in their lives: from the buildings they work in, to the streets and paths they navigate, to the foods available for them to buy and eat.
Blue Zones Project also addresses tobacco and alcohol policy. We work with sponsors and partners to define community priorities and champion changes that support those goals, from retail policy to smoke-free public spaces.
Progress becomes apparent in the community surroundings—at the individual and neighborhood level—ultimately creating a healthier culture in your city, which further grows support and enhances results.
For Certified Campuses, Blue Zones Project works with campus leadership to ensure tobacco and food policies, benefits, and well-being programming are aligned to improve health and well-being.

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🎉 Exciting News Alert! 🎉Yesterday, Arcadia Farms Cafe made history as the very first Blue Zones Project Approved Restaurant in Scottsdale! Owner Carolyn Ellis shared her excitement, highlighting how this milestone has elevated their menu offerings with healthier options without sacrificing flavor. Join us in congratulating Arcadia Farms Cafe on this monumental achievement and let their pioneering spirit inspire a healthier culinary landscape for our community! 🌿🍽 #bluezonesapproved #HealthRevolution #ArcadiaFarmsCafe #bluezonesprojectscottsdale ... See MoreSee Less
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