Blue Zones Digital Experience

Blue Zones Project aims to ignite transformation through systems change. We work to improve the health and well-being of your community by enacting policies that make it easier and safer to move naturally and create better access to affordable, healthy foods. Policies alone cannot transform a community; individuals need to be engaged and educated. These free Blue Zones digital tools are designed to engage your community, meeting individuals where they are in their transformation journey.

Developed in conjunction with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, the Blue Zones True Vitality® Test predicts life expectancy age based on an individual’s current lifestyle and environment. This 3-minute assessment offers customized actions to help residents add more healthy years to their lives.

True Happiness® Test

Based on leading scientific research in well-being, the Blue Zones True Happiness Test was designed in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania and happiness experts from around the world. Individuals receive a Happiness Grade and customized recommendations to achieve balance within the 3 Ps of happiness (Purpose, Pleasure and Pride), which our research shows leads to greater happiness.

Blue Zones Life® Plan

The Blue Zones Life Plan is a four-week long experience for users to comprehensively learn about the research behind the Blue Zones Power 9®, create a support system and commit to a healthier, longer life. With tracking sheets, printable calendars, and access to a specialized closed Facebook Group, individuals can create an environment for themselves that fosters a healthier lifestyle.

Blue Zones Checklists

We are where we live. Shape your surroundings, because your surroundings shape you.

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Did you know your friends and family can boost your health? Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people isn't just good for your soul – it's great for your overall well-being! Studies show that strong social connections can lower stress, increase happiness, and even help you live longer. So, treasure those uplifting friendships, laugh a little louder, and lean on each other through life's ups and downs. Together, we thrive! #PositivePack #Connect #livebetterlonger ... See MoreSee Less
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🌟 Exciting News! 🌟Tune in to the latest episode of the 'SUSD Spotlight' podcast for a dive into the incredible partnership between Blue Zones Project Scottsdale and Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD)! Discover how Blue Zone principles are being integrated into school meals to promote healthier, longer lives for students. This episode features our very own Executive Director, Sarah Kearney, and Patti Bilbrey, Director of Nutrition Services for the district. Plus, celebrate the amazing achievement of Echo Canyon becoming Arizona's first Blue Zones Project Approved™ school!Listen now on your favorite podcast platform or at www.susd.org/podcast!🎧#scottsdaletransformation #bluezonesprojectapproved #susdspotlight #healthyliving #podcastspotlight ... See MoreSee Less
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